Monday, April 14, 2014

Then and now

JG On One 650b, 2008(ish)

JG On One 650b, 2014. Much better tire selection today. And geometry I can tolerate for more than one ride, unlike the '08 version.

Last call at the SBH. Spotted this fully padded and full faced crusher grinding 
his way back up for one more tonight. Bad. Ass. 


  1. The 2008 version looks like an overcooked commuter bike.

  2. And it handled like one on the descents - partly old school geo, and partly the fact that I had stuffed wheels in that frame that it wasn't designed for. One ride on that one, literally. Three so far on the '14 version. So far so good. I'm having to force myself to adapt - I've been riding suspension bikes for a long time. Both have their own unique and fun qualities.

  3. Looks good Jimmy, hard tails forever!! Layne