Thursday, February 20, 2014

Remember this?

Now that its been pissing for a couple weeks heres a throw back to the heydays of this winter.

We headed up from fall creek along 8  (or for you new map folks "wedekind trail") and it wasn't long before Jagger found a way to break one of the only moving parts on his bike.   
Psych! just pulled some extra cable through, quick work with a 5mm and he was good to go. 

When I say heydays of winter, what I mean is cold as balls and really dry days. Great riding weather in my opinion, although I'm getting the feeling that not many people out here share that sentiment....

Thankfully Reuben and Matt were digging it too.
The above and bellow of the new ("new") Bridge off 8. 

Everything looked like loam but felt more similar to slick rock. You don't get conditions like this everyday kids! 
Mandatory vantage point shot.
Guess the trail?
Answer: xis no tuc raelc (Use a mirror!) (Or your brain!)

Oh ya I bought one of these bad boys too.
Stay tuned for a write up after I ride it a couple more times... Up six.

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  1. Those cold and dry winter days are the best! Great shots. I'm interested to read what you think of the one up gear. Thrash it!