Sunday, February 2, 2014

90 PSI

Cross. Check. My under-appreciated and quite neglected steel steed saw a few adventurous miles today.  

Home. T Hill. SBH. Cedar F. Ridiculous uphill bushwhack. Browns Rd. BLB. T Hill. Home.

Riding down Finn's Fu Return Climb with 90 psi, 28c's and no brakes was the most dangerous thing I've done all year.  


  1. Nice job linking up the hills! Looks like a bruiser of a ride.

  2. That bush wack sucks hahaha.
    Take maple valley next time

  3. Yeah. I saw the "normal" way to get up there. I needed a little less predictable experience though. And I got it. Have you done that bush whack? Through the ravine? BRUTAL.

  4. Hahaha I've done it, before I know there was a "normal" way. Rough stuff. I busted through and immediately cracked a beer and took lunch.