Thursday, January 2, 2014

olydirt way back when...

was recently looking at some historical photos of oly, what great gems i found.   
realized that olydirt didn’t mean mtn bikes on dirt back then, but that the roads weren’t paved, so when you were on your road bike, it was dirt.

thank god that in this same spot, the west-side coop still exists..
and after a good catch of birds, wine and whiskey, we will relax and understand that our past reflects into our future, god bless olydirt a century later into the 2014.


  1. Excellent photos! Thanks for posting. Where did you turn these up?

    1. i was taking a cold commute ride break at the lacey library, i was looking at popular mechanics and science news magazines, but before i left i decided to peruse the last isle in the back, with the regional history books. i found the 'images of south sound' book, will have to return it in two days, so i was glad to get some good scans of this golden stuff...

  2. Good stuff.Perfect way to preface a new year.