Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Dark Side

Surreal ride on Wedekind trail today - deep -
The Capitol Forest Dark Side Quadrant

EDIT 12.16.13
After a late night of surfing music on you tube I ended up in a corner of music where I often end up - The Mark Lanegan Corner. And by no coincidence I am sure, I found this song. If yesterday's ride were to have had a soundtrack this would have been it. 

The dark descends through the Promised Land Down kingdom come and the acid ban I'm bad alone, burned inside out Nothin' to kill it, I hit the city In Marianne I dug a hole And watched her trip on my heart of stone And in the end all that crawled, was my skin I couldn't kill it, I hit the city I hit the city Ghost arrives at it's bitter end To the Promised Land and the dark descends I'm bad alone, burned inside out Nothin' to kill it, I hit the city I hit the city


  1. That rigid 29er fat bike is really bringing out your artistic side. Nice pics.

  2. Next grow a big scruffy beard and you'll be ready to only ever ride Surly's

  3. I'm one more ride rigid fat bike ride from either becoming this guy - or becoming this guy - - or both

    1. more-so, might be a decision about where you go for your post ride brew to sooth your back. the surly beards might hit le voyeur or the eastside. true grits & heavy metal types are hitting mccoys. and most specialized enduro crowds are probably hoarding up at the fish tail. all of us are on a mission to get rad.

    2. I'd take my crusty beard through door #2, please.

  4. Ha! Specialized Enduro Crowd! Nail on the head. But who drinks at the Voyeur and gets rad on a Mtb?? Is it those kids riding fixed gear on the Priest Point Trails? And where does the Specialized Fat Bike guy go for a beer? Maybe Seattle.

    I say throw away your razors and buy more Surly bikes. 3 inch tires are the minimum required to have any fun on a bike.