Sunday, November 3, 2013

Something new

While I still have the urge to go out and blow out my body trying to steal KOM's (especially from roadies like Chipchase) and throw down at local races, I am still feeling the calling to get out of my comfort zone and try something new in the world of cycling. 2014 will be the season of off road touring for me, and I am even building a bike specifically for it! Introducing the Troll,

                       Mine will not have drop bars though, as I really see no benefit.

 For more information on this particular type of off road cycling, and even for some new motivation please check out this website.


I love you. Science bless. Go solar.


Meuller for President


  1. That whole off road touring thang sure does sound adventurous. If only I could figure out how to get those racks on a suspension bike. I know. That would be pointless. Looking forward to reading about your tours. This may be the only way to entice me into the low back abuse of a hard tail! Go big!

  2. Yet another reason hardtails rool. This is awesome. Lets do some stupid training rides. The Kind that Chipchase would hate.

  3. Looks like grinding low gears is in your future. Have fun with that.

  4. Looking forward to some Flack style figure 8's around the forest, starting from town. Definitely some hike a bike shit thrown in as well.

  5. such a sweet beast, rock it! and thanks for your link share a while back of "the escape" ( that inspired me soo much. the only thing for me though, was that the bob trailer was not going to work on a bike rack on the bus, panniers made so much more sense in the terms of flexibility and remove-ability, depending on the situation. the overall cool part though with either set-up, is that when you get to a campsite, you can take all the baggage off, become 20 pounds lighter, then shred the singletrack.

  6. You must Ride the Divide. Tomac sees a benefit to drop bars, in 1994.