Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kona is making cool bikes again

And unlike the Magic-Link-we-must-have-drank-too-much-designer-gone-wild-experience, history will forgive them for creating an Enduro Bike category. Clean lines, low CG, classic Kona stout frame, plush suspension, relevant geometry, PNW roots, a local rep who rates very well on the not-all-sales reps-are-burnt-out-and-uptight-prick's scale and Kona once again becomes relevant beyond the
tight pants cyclocross world.

Well. Done.


  1. Yeah! These bikes are sick, and the interview with the designer in Dirt Magazine is a must-read. If only they made it in a non-goofy wheel size...

  2. The only weak point of that bike is the 27.5 wheels. Should have nutted up and stuck with 26. But then they would go out of business because you can't go fast on 26 inch bikes anymore.