Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 more days for moto use left, amen...

despite this long wift of clear weather, the atv'd puddle troughs certainly are still persistent in the capitol forest .  the deep woods don't seem to bring enough heat during the late fall and winter days to dry out all of the puddles.  the paradox though, is that when it is clear and sunny in the winter, it is always super cold.  each mornings fog and each evenings dew probably have more moisture in them than a heavy sprinkle from an early fall warm day.  i wish we could bring excavators to all of these puddles and re-shape them, but i know we can't.  was thankful today that i could ride "just around" each one, making for a nice day on the north side.


  1. The cold weather is coming... If the snow doesn't hit too low, we'll have frozen moto trails to ride. My favorite feature being the feathers of ice that grow out of all of this saturated mud. Get out early! Get out often!