Friday, September 13, 2013

Trail Bikes

The labels we give mountain bikes are meaningless.  What the hell is all-mountain?  Freeride?  Enduro? By sticking bikes into generic categories, we limit ourselves to saying stuff like:

"Oh, that's an xc bike, you can't jump it."

"My bike is a freeride bike so I don't ever pedal."

Don't be silly.  Ride for fun.

Santa Cruz Heckler from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo.


  1. it's fun to test your skill set by riding one bike on all mtn trails, jumps, skateparks, even downhill trails or serve as a fun way to go out for a slice of pizza. pizza doesn't really need a category, it is always fun, and can be ridden back up hill to your house, but i still wish for a full on dh rig, one day:)

  2. Pizza bikes for life!
    But actually I just got a DH bike and it's the shit.

  3. last evening in the last gleaming light of one of our last nw summers' sun down, i flowed the san francisco ave descent down towards the sound and downtown for a last beer and some views. it was fun gapping the driveway curbs, skidding and manualing on all of the sidewalk features. but right at the last drop in, i decided to not flow down the steep grassy hillside, but take the road to the stop sign, ARRRGHHH. DH rig?, check!