Monday, September 23, 2013

specialized ground control

spotted in front of city hall.

tires have good tread; are yellow, match the grips on the bar ends, the coil and the water bottle cage.  full xt build, garage kept, size large.

rear end canti mount too boot, didn't get a number from the guy, shit! - all i would have needed was better peddles!

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  1. Funny story. It was 1998, I just got my first real mountain bike, a 1997 steel Specialized rockhopper with riser bars and a 4 inch dual crown fork. Perfect slalom shredder. One day I am up riding the slalom course on Dry Hill, and I run into this dude climbing (god forbid) up the hill all the way to the top of the downhill course on this exact bike, but red. This guy ended up teaching me a lot about riding, including the term "earn your turns". The best part about this story is it was 1998 and this dude was rocking a single ring up front, 38 tooth I believe. Way ahead of his time. He worked for the COHO ferry downtown, and rode on his lunch break, and usually pounded at least 4 Busch lights before going back to work.