Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Following the success of enduro series all over the globe, Oly Dirt is planning a race series for 2014 that will revolutionize mountain biking.  We took inspiration from the well-loved sport of four-cross and drew upon the wealth of experience surrounding enduro racing to create an event that fully embodies the heart of mountain biking.  The name for this cutting-edge, progressive riding discipline?


While fourcross has become a highly specialized event requiring dedicated training, ENFOURO is the culmination of everyman's biking fantasies.  ENFOURO takes riding bikes to the next level with elbow-to-elbow action both up AND downhill on premiere courses.  Here's a brief look into the intense development process behind the race:

We started with the basic fact that everyone loves four-cross.

Just looking at this bundle of fun makes me want to wear a neck brace.  There's nothing more exhilarating than fighting three other riders for the single good line on a hardtail with xc tires down a dusty track along!  However, there isn't a great following to the sport in the US these days.  That's why we had to bring in the influence of the greatest revolution in mountain biking since people started growing pot in California:  Enduro.

Enduro is the new face of mountain biking.  Who could have known that riding a bike up a hill in order to ride it down the hill could be so much fun?  It's become such a hot trend that we had to use it as a buzz word in order to get any recognition or even attention from the mountain biking public.  However, ENFOURO's relation to enduro is mostly in the name.  The real basis for ENFOURO's innovative format comes from another recent addition to mountain biking disciplines: Cross Country Eliminator!

Crowd pleasing, exciting, and Brian Lopes approved; cross-country eliminator (or XCE) is the UCI's unequivocal answer to those who think mountain biking should be a spectator sport.  Well, UCI has created quite a spectacle.  Watching bike riders in tight pants repeatedly sprint to the point of throwing up and descend with perfect seat-to-genital form has got to be the most entertaining mountain bike race.  

ENFOURO is the start of a new direction for mountain biking.  Some industry insiders have been overheard discussing a new wheel size specifically for this discipline.  Here are some examples of the equipment likely to be used in the upcoming race series:

Nothing says cutting-edge like two DT swiss shocks!

With ergon grips, slick tires, and gnarly suspension, this bike is right on the money for ENFOURO.

Both high-tech and simplistic, the Proflex may be one of the most popular bikes on the circuit.
Are you stoked enough yet????  Stay tuned to Oly Dirt to find out more details about ENFOURO...coming to parking lots near you in 2014!


  1. and dual pumptrack should should be one of the timed stages!

  2. DUDE! I was an early Enfouro racer it turns out. In 2000 I was racing XC on a Pro Flex with a full face Giro Switchblade and Azonic riser bars(no bar ends). The spandex geeks around me at the start line were shivering in fear(or confusion). ENFOURO!