Friday, August 16, 2013

Worx, Take 2

 Fat is officially IN. Specialized is here.

Schedule of festivities

 Classic Ti ride 

$5 per plate, seriously. I stopped at two. Then off for gelato, then fudge, then coffee. Food touring.

A bike I really, really liked riding. Giant Anthem. It made my Enduro "feel" like a slug. Was the Anthem faster, or did it "feel" faster. Does it matter? Fun, quick bike.


  1. Fatboy, how original. Specialized sucks

  2. Thats funny, because I think the entire 2014 Giant line up rides horribly. It probably "felt" faster because it is a 27.5 which IS faster than 26. You all can hold your grudges, but 27.5 is amazing and its here to stay.