Monday, July 22, 2013

pump parks?

For some reason I was recently thinking about “pump tracks”.  I realized that the word “track” is in that phrase.  I think this is why a lot of pump tracks look like dumbed down bmx tracks, with lines that bring you from point A to point B, with maybe one possible transfer in the middle somewhere (with exception of the Snyder compound of course:)).  I believe that this is some outdated “linear” mind frame kind of thinking.  You might ride these “tracks” once or twice, say to yourself “cool”, but then never go back again.  Soon after it dawned on me, what if instead, the word “track” was replaced by the word “park” in that phrase; hence a new, fresh, much more exciting name = “pump park”!

 Examples of linear pump tracks:
 like i said...
getting better!

Examples of linear pump tracks that look sorta fun:

holy crap, this last one taking linear and professional builds to the next level!

but then, examples of almost “park like organic” tracks, that look fun!: 

wow, love this last one integrated with plant life... 

then examples of  “totally organic design”, that look like I would never, ever get tired of finding all of the transfer lines in this “pump park”:

 thanks to “progressive trail designs” for this “celtic cross pump track”.  Before even seeing this shot, it was exactly what I had in mind, at Boys and Girls town in Steelville, MO...


and of course, this design theme would still be fun for your whole family, all skill levels and people that do not want to “x-up”:

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