Sunday, June 9, 2013

The gratifying feeling of mission accomplished...

I was asked to design a new mini re-route on llmtn a few days ago, that would cut out a few tight corners (that basically brought you to a stop), at the outy of the new upper re-route.  The idea being to oust those sections that slow you down too much - that ruin the overall flow factor of the trail.  Yesterday afternoon I went to check out the potential line and discovered a very large, not so rotten stump directly in the middle of said line.  Oh shit!!!  WTH am I going to do?- start cutting the wood out piece by piece, hopefully below soil level.  The rest just involved proper log placement, cutting in and moving soil over onto the new berm. 

Showing up early this morning really didn’t make things go any quicker, that was one big ass stump sitting in the new flow line and its removal went only slowly - little piece, by little piece. But thanks to Jim for showing up early this morning as well, as he started to work on it’s intro and proper log placement; while I persevered to get that large wood beast under control and below soil level... 

We sync’d the timing perfectly, as the cavalry showed up just in time for commencing the cut-in.

We tamed that scary looking mini re-route into a very well pinned, and probably the longest and steepest berm on all of llmtn. 

Thanks to Jim for organizing all of the great new section work and to everyone who helped out,  Olympia Dirt keeps getting better, and BETTER!!!


  1. Longest and steepest berm in THE FOREST! The perfect arc and size of that berm conspired to create a corner with no real speed limitation other than mental weakness. Another Mueller Art installation. Major props to all of the core riders who turned out today to wrap everything up. That was a solid crew out there today.

  2. It rides as smooth and fast as it looks! Hard to believe that I was helping John drag logs around and chip at that stump just yesterday afternoon.