Saturday, June 1, 2013

Santa Cruz Solo

santa cruz solo from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo.

Who saw this one coming? It's like a Blur tr with middling wheels.  Cool bike and all, but the edit was the best part of this for me.  Big burly backcountry summit rides are the rawest edge of mountain biking.  Where better to do that than good old Europe, where there's a path to everywhere you could imagine?  Steve Peat sends it.


  1. scottish treeless baroness awesomeness peaty style, i loved the dude picking him up in the little boat in the end

  2. I credit those lands for my red beard. Great post, great ride. I am sure Peatty could really care less if his Tr has 26 or 650 wheels on it, too. What a dreamy way to pay the bills.