Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mt. Stuart Adventure Time

I spent some time this spring volunteering with an after school program for elementary schoolers, and as soon as they heard my name, they'd bring up the show Adventure Time. The main characters are Finn the human and Jake the dog. Midway up the hefty climb to the top (ish) of Mt. Stuart, my oxygen deprived mind brought up the idea that my bike should be called Jake the dog. It just wouldn't let the thought go.  Now everytime I'm in pain, trudging up some hellish steep trail, I remember that my bike's new name is Jake the dog.

It was a good adventure.

Jake.  The dog.

This poor fawn had a limp.  Cougar bait.

Mid-ride treats!

There are some tough characters up on the mountain.

Jake, at the power tower, looking over Lake Whatcom.

Galbraith from across the lake and 1000 feet higher!


  1. Looks dreamy! Was that today? Rain here - not that it stopped us.

  2. Last week. It was pissing up here this evening, too.