Thursday, June 27, 2013

Loving the comment section on Still.

Scott McCain  P.Demers • 3 hours ago

"Of course it's wrong, it's always been wrong. We are continuously improving the model with new data, however. It won't ever be right though because of human perception. We honestly don't see the universe as it really is. Our brains take information from the outside, via photons and other information carrying particles, and processes it inside the "minds eye". This is a simulation that your brain creates  to make sense of all the information. It's also why we perceive time as a lock step rhythm, while mathematically time can flow in any direction and is not in lock step. Our cognitive process impresses that lock step on it - because of the way the information processing ion channels in our brain work. What all of this means is that true reality is beyond, and probably always will be beyond (until our brains evolve) our understanding."


I can't help but see the connection from this reader's comment to 
the rider's perception(simulation) of and ability to ride with the terrain
- a perception(simulation) that is merely a controlled translation of
something currently unknowable by our meager, confined, amygdala driven,
anxious, Pink Bike comment section brains. Evolve we will,  and with this
evolution the flow will most certainly improve.

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