Saturday, June 29, 2013

In defense of Enduro - Euro Edition

How does this not sound like fun? Big mountains. Amazing views. Incredible trails. Courses that require DH bikes that can be climbed on. Some uphill. Lots and lots of downhill. European(the good countries) cultural experience. It sure looks like a good time to me. Enduro is an easy target though. It's new(to us). It's different. Goggles look ridiculous with half shells(well that's the way it's done in The States). The fast guys have names that are difficult to pronounce. Mavic has an actual presence. FOX has a more limited STD, I mean CTD infectious presence. Not only do you have to rip down the mountain, but also back up and across and over and under and... Where is the shuttle, bro? Is it 4:20 yet? If Enduro were to walk into any bar in Montana it would certainly get its ass kicked. It is very easy to see why Enduro is so disliked. It just doesn't fit in. It makes no sense at all. Ban it. Hate it. Just make it stop. It's XC or DH around here, so don't try to push those progressive agenda values of integration around these parts. RIP Enduro. May you no longer infect our minds with ideas other than our own.



  1. Enduro: Competitive all mountain riding. To some the competition is a inspiration and motivator to be better or push limits further. To others it takes away from the greater experience and calmness of not worrying about the clock or the guy you chat politely with and secretly want to destroy in competition. Anything that is hyped as much as Enduro has been will definitely come under scrutiny. Hopefully all scrutiny and support comes from real world individual experience. Shred it!

  2. Thats why small venues need to be supported and promoted I.E Cascadia Cup.
    Smaller number of rider > interaction amongst all levels of competition > less space for assholes.