Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wisdom Delivered - replay!

Replay of Finn's original post of this video!

This conversation between Fabien and Steve is as close to perfectly verbalizing the Jedi Way Of Flow as ever has or ever will be pontificated again.

"the main mistake of the average rider is to believe that to ride fast you need to pedal to accelerate"

"the instinct of how to use the shapes of the trail to generate power"

"a trail has a certain flow"

"if you don't get that flow you will obviously get in a situation where you use more energy, and if you use more energy you are not in the optimum position"

"believe it, feel it, do it"

"lets not talk competition"

"the excellence of riding is to be capable to come to a trail you don't know - to read it, to anticipate it and to feel the terrain"

Mandatory viewing, regularly.

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