Thursday, May 30, 2013

throw back thursday(s)

My old video from a few years back (not so much a mtn bike edit as much intended to be a short film & visual documentation of “A Day In The Life” here in Olympia), recently got tagged for copyright infringement on youtube for one of its songs.  Here it is re-published on vimeo.

It is about coming home from work to “The Ranch” and doing some riding back up in the woods...  The themes revolve around the ideas of “it’s the water”, “the joy of downtown”, “coming home”, “going with the flow”, “going upstream vs downstream”, “cars vs fish” and “won’t you give me a free-ride”.

In my production I tried to sync’ together the shots with the metaphorical meanings in the words on the soundtrack, keep an eye and ear out for them - some of them are obvious, others are not.  

A lot of what I tried to capture for my “a day in the life of what I love about Olympia” include:
oldschool pizzeria, le voyeur, the eastside, QB, the reef, intercity transit, olympia food coop, salmon, the artesian wells, the capitol dome, logging, vw buses, the sub-black hills, wood peckers using dead wood &  builders using fallen dead wood, the buddha, the mountain, streams flowing towards the sound, how wide caterpillar machinery tracks are vs skinny singletrack in our forests, at work with garden ducks, superheroes, heading to the ‘cap, “wishing i could share all the love in my heart” and “every man should be free”. 

I hope you enjoy! 

All video was taken with a regular point and shoot digital camera, and the lower quality stills where taken on a really old, not-so-sharp point and shoot.  I left my friend pauls voice in the clips on purpose cause I thought they were cool and there is some “skiddish behavior” in the vid’ cause we were only using an older, class 2 SD card.