Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gear Review Part Two - Das Soft Goods

As a gear head who cycles(haha) quickly through most of his equipment before it wears out, I have surprisingly hung on to my riding shorts to the point where they are no longer decent for public use. With most of my hard goods, I like to buy and sell before they lose too much resale value. With the ever increasing improvement in hard goods technology I do not want to miss out on any technological improvements that will enhance my riding experience - therefore, I have no weak-of-character emotional attachments to my equipment. The objective is a Better Ride through all means, internal and/or external.

On the other hand, with my riding shorts(and some of my other soft goods) I don't have the same penchant for long term commitment phobia. Take for example my ratty Royal shorts that were purchased on the first GL6 Racing team sponsorship deal we put together in 2007 or something. The shorts have been great - lighter fabric(but not too light), adjustable waist band for my constant variable diameter mid section and NO DIAPER. The Royal's have served me very well, they have however reached the end of their useful life. One of the two waist buckles and straps are long ago missing, the remaining bits of velcro could not hold on if it had to, the crotch is barely held together by my hasty needle and red thread repair and the final nails in the coffin are the holes from saddle wear.

Now, I know these shorts would probably make for a killer score at the Food Co-Op free box, but I just can't enable another Oly Kid to wear clothing around town that displays the color of their underwear. These shorts will either end up in the land fill, or not being fit for public use anymore be relegated to the "yard work clothes" drawer. As attached as I am to them(weak, I know) they will likely end up sticking around for the upcoming Wood Splitting Sessions in my back yard - 8 or 10 cords of it.

Now what? Enter The New Prom King - the Troy Lee Skyline short. Superb materials, perfect athletic cut, straight long legs and NO DIAPER.

Wood Splitting: the original Crossfit
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