Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thank The Builders

I think everyone needs to pat themselves on their backs for turning LLMT into an incredibly fun trail despite the journey it took to get here.  I personally would like to say thank you to everyone who put any time into Larch Mountain, and thank you for sticking with it.  I have read quite the plethora of posts focused on complaining about the lack of arduous trails in the Olympia area and personally I find them rather doleful.  Instead of doing such as well, I would like to share a few photos taken on Sunday that might remind everyone why its all worth it.  Lets keep this going!  There will always be room for improvement and every location started somewhere, we may not be as far behind as you may think.

(No berms were injured while taking these photos)

Photos taken by Matthew, Cameron, and myself


  1. True words. Its been a really positive and productive winter on the LLMT. Great photos - they say it all. Once again, Cam gets the berm slinger award, and you get the "least likely to be affected by gravity award". Welcome to the ODC, Max!

  2. Cam, you need some Minion side knobs for cornering like that. Great pics, thanks for posting them. Cool to see someone airing out the new table so nicely.

  3. Knobs are overrated, Im going to start cutting all my tires down

  4. these photos are "senders" to my heart.
    max-radness has always been at the top of my list of olydirt soldiers... pins it and throws his big santacruz monster around like it is an dj rig. and no worries on the loam roosts as that is inspiring/ what they were there for. Thank you all for the great action photos, this is what we live for...