Thursday, April 18, 2013


Late Tuesday night we jumped the gun, loaded up the car and headed down to sunny Monterey Bay for a weekend of debauchery (read: bikes) at the legendary Seaotter Classic. After a full day of being here I feel we've seen more pros, prototypes, and bike porn then you could ever imagine existed. And now its time to share with the world of olympia the wonders of the Otter. Jump after the break to see the exclusive OD coverage of this historic event.

Whoops, look like we were too busy being awesome to remember to take any pictures, sorry folks. Instead heres a picture of Max rocking it in the back of the car last night. Cheer from Monterey!

O.K we took a COUPLE pictures, but we'll drop them on you later. I'm too sun burnt to do anything productive. 

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  1. In case you were wondering - it's still 45 and drizzling here. I'm sure you guys were wondering. More ODC *Aqua Gopher coverage!!!

    *Team Robot