Monday, April 1, 2013

Graduate Life

Last weekend, I rode my bike to a work party on Galbraith Mt.  It takes about a half hour just to get up to the trails on a good day, but I managed to make it to the south side work party spot in about 45 minutes.

Lucy the dog came along for the day.  About 50 people showed up to work, so the pizza and beer during lunch disappeared very quickly.  I worked on Pump Track, which got a new reroute around a wet area and lots of love in the form of raking, shaping, and tree-felling.

Lots of fresh shovel work!

I spent most of my day shaping up a chronically underwhelming spot.   We filled in a wet run-in, and totally reshaped the jump after it.  After a long day, I did one run on the mountain then rode home with Lucy panting behind me.

Tired dog.
Just goes to show that you don't need to be eduficated to have fun on trails, because even dogs like partying in the woods.


  1. Nice looking soil! How do the work parties work there? Is there a plan ahead of time? Do they split up into crews with crew leaders?

  2. There's always a plan of attack, which gets told to the whole group at the beginning of the day. Then small groups break off to get everything done. And there's beer. That's how it really gets done.