Monday, March 25, 2013


I learned a couple things this weekend. 
1. I love my new bike.
2. Racing xc is brutal as... well its just brutal.
3. Dont start taking yourself too seriously (I'll come back to this).

But really what a party, I cant think of a better way too spend a weekend (I can actually think of a few, but this was pretty awesome.)


I had to recruit Gizmo to help me install my new rack, and the trailer hitch. There may have been an easier way to do it, but we got the job done. 
First time on a car ferry. Pretty rad. 
In true OD dirtbag style we rolled up with two steel 26" hardtails and a Covert for an XC race, all flat pedals.  

Showed up in time for a practice lap/ course inspection with one of Matts fast buddies, the words "lets take it slow and casual" dont register with everybody. It was pretty pinned practice lap. AND it got us back in time for some gorgeous sunsets on the island. 

Lee cooked some of the best jambalaya I've had.  
This man knows his way around a camp stove.
Im pretty sure this is how I survived the race 

Bunkers are cool. #Leedontbreakthedoordown!

Aint nothin to fuck with

Some of the best sleep I've gotten in a long time.

Rise and shine everybody! 
Best (and loudest) camp site.

These trails were a blast, I couldn't get as many pictures as I wanted.... but ya, loamy, fast and you these pictures ont show it, but rooty too. The ups were long and and steep, and the downs were fast and techy. (as techy as an xc course can get.) 

Oh you know just waiting for the ferry. For an hour and a half. 
See ya lata Whidbey. 

Im not about to start spinning around and pretending to be a xc racer, but doing a few of these every now and then could be real fun. The only real downer were the butthurt, underachieving, spandexed "fast guys". Lets make a couple things clear here. Dude your not Mark Weir. Your racing Cat 2 in a local XC series. When there is a 60 person back up, on a long climb 100 yards out of the start gate, and everyone starts walking, dont start yelling and pushing people out of the way saying that you were "leading my category! ", you will get told, as the person in front of me did, to "Go fuck yourself!". Lee did a pretty solid job adding a little levity to the situation.  

"Cat 5 leader coming through!" 

Lee raced this. And killed it. Until his back almost killed him. 

On another note, theres a deer head on LLMT.