Friday, March 22, 2013


Just picked these beauties up at The Depot. After dealing(poorly) with the puny little blades and pencil stick handles on the standard issue FOCF tools last weekend, these Husky Super Socket's have since caught my eye and at just the right time too. I only have one short session on them transplanting ferns in my yard, so it is really too early to give a thorough review. First impressions are very good though. Super fat, high volume material moving blades. Big Step up top for stomp cutting roots. Steel sleeve reinforced fiberglass handles which should not snap as easily as the wood version. And for The Zealots Amongst Us, please note the lack of pivots.There is something about titanium in the specs, but these things weigh like 29(sub 30 for sure) pounds a piece so it certainly isn't the blade material. Maybe a ti coating. It's obviously not as slippery as that "gold" coating though. Just look at that dirt clinging to the blade. Speaking of. If these guys really wanted to move some units, they should coat them in Kashima and really start shoveling some bull shit onto the market. Now that I think of it, an even better "improvement" would be a 3 position lever for Cache, Transport and Dig modes. I think a Husky/FOX partnership is unavoidable. Prepare to have your intelligence insulted by not only limited tuning of your suspension, but prepare for the final insult to come from your...shovel? Baaa. Buy. C.T.D. Kashima. Shovel.

Will break these monsters in properly this weekend on the LLMT. Extended review early summer 2013. This is an Oly Dirt Exclusive.


  1. Haha, awesome. Those look like some fine shovels for slinging dirt around.

  2. Husky super sockets.. You sure there are no bushings in there?

  3. Nope. No bushings. Rigid, like your spine busting HT!