Saturday, March 9, 2013

Songs - December Loam

MTB edits can(sometimes) be a source for great(to me) non(for now) mainstream music. A recent example is the December Loam edit. Aside from the quintessential hand built loam trail and most excellent riding and equally worthy cinematog the soundtrack was an outstanding track by Jose Gonzales's group, Junip. I already own some of Jose's solo work, work with Zero7 and I made a short a couple years ago with one of his songs. I had not heard of Junip though. If it were not for the December Loam edit I may not have discovered Junip. I owe a debt of gratitude to the film makers for their edit - not only for the pleasuring of watching their fine video, but more important to me - Junip. I dig Junip, and The MTB Megacosm introduced me. Thanks MTB Megacosm.


  1. With all this talk about discovering new artists, you're going to turn us into a hipster music blog. What, you don't like electro house music? Too bad, because every european edit ever exists.

  2. Less techno. I lived in Switzerland for a summer once upon a long time ago. You couldn't go anywhere in the region without some outdoor cafe sharing the beats publicly. Maybe it's a side effect of too much Nutella. Not that too much and Nutella should ever be used in the same sentence. Junip!