Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eliot Jackson

This has already made the rounds this week, but I thought it was more than worthy of mention here in O Town. Eliot Jackson - the cool demeanor of Aaron Gwin, the once in a generation super smooth bike handling skills of Sam Hill and the air time style of his lift chair partner Brendan Fairclough. Too bad he retired last year due to asthma - certainly premature. Watching this guy is reminisce of watching Sam Hill in 2008 - something different and something better is happening than anything before it.

Whistler Mega Gaps with Eliot Jackson - More Mountain Bike Videos


  1. You know I was just thinking recently how im not a huge fan of the upper switch backs on GL6, but I really thought that there was nothing that I could do about it. Now I know I was wrong. I just need to gap them.

  2. I was getting all "Eliot Jackson" over some big speed bumps in the South Capitol neighborhood yesterday. I gapped those things. I'm sure I was the first, too. I saw lines no one else can seen! Ha. Seriously though, this guy was a legend in the making.

    Agree about GL6. It would be cool to build a new line that starts at the top and ends up connecting to the upper, big clear cut. Bypassing all of that upper stuff and the traverse. But, we might as well build a whole other trail at that point - which will hopefully happen at some point.

    GL6 should probably just be preserved as it is. It's a local legend, and the first trail FOCF restored. There is a lot of history on that trail. I have some helmet cam video starting from about 10 years ago. I hope to make a short documentary about GL6 someday.

  3. I vote for the upper re-route. Something similar to the new Tiger upper trail. Would be a super fun project.