Sunday, March 31, 2013

Don't miss the opportune times...

Sometimes when you are done digging you like to shred the work you just did - but today was another day where I had my bike with me, but after digging I decided to opt-out of the almost obligatory shred time.  Up on the llmtn digs a lot of times I am just too tired and want to get back home for the 5:30 crack-a-beer time and pass on riding.  On other days it is because I'm just too wet and soaked from the rain...  But today upon finishing the outy berm coverage I wanted (with some help from the infamous walmart shredder), I had some other thoughts...

why would one pass this shred up?  Cause I had mt molly loop trail (sorry i don't remember the new name yet) on my mind.  It was sunny, the precip' averages were recently low and when coupled with higher temps I thought that, probably my favorite line in all of capitol forest was holding the potential to be less puddly and ready to ride .

The gamble was a good one, she was beautifully puddle free and pinning it!  And little did I figure in the awesome work that has taken place on her, (thanks father graham and the focf crew) that made her well drained and dual trough-less! 

IMO funnest gradual descent grade with smashing cadence in our woods! (the middle to lower sections before turning into trail #40 (again sorry new name?) down to c-line crossing:)).

Sorry if I have to say "Pinning It" it once more, it deserves it!


  1. Dont worry John, we got your back. The berm is killer! We blasted a couple laps. Then did a little photo shoot. We initially intended to take a flat head back to it after we were done riding, but after enough passes and us kicking dirt back up on it, it packed in perfect! Wicked shovel work dude.

    1. thanks cam, we foot stamped it as much as we could! should do some wicked runs and shoots up on mt molly loop too soon!

  2. Almost too pretty to ride, almost. Incredible craftsmanship. "Smashing cadence" - perfect description of that run. That I think is another one of Capitol Forest's strengths - those pedally downhills. Steeps aren't where the speed is, trails like Mt Molly are! Love that trail! Good call.

  3. probably also a props' should be givin' out to the TTC (tacoma trail cruisers) as i have seen that they had some work parties on that sweet line too!

  4. Yes. Totally. And Kevin from DNR as out there with his mini ex last summer too. Certainly a community wide effort.

  5. indeed & can't wait to pin it again on that. and hey, - even for a shuttle day? or even as part of a fnsd? or segment of the enduro run? either way, one of the top flow factor trails in the cap'...