Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cascadia Dirt Cup

If this doesn't sound like it is going to be fun to you, then roll over and take your last breathe.

My three-ish favorite "rules" -

1) No Special Ed classes.
Kids, old people then everyone else all based on skill level and Expert/Open combined. This certainly dashes my hopes of swooping onto the top step of the CAT1.5, 37-39, 164-166mm travel, 26" wheeled, 2.5 tire class. And what about my single speed fat bike, bro? I love coasting downhill. This is discrimination.

2) Courses announced 48hrs/map 24hrs prior.
This keeps the adventure factor high, and insures that the race promoters stand the best chance of winning based on their prior knowledge of the courses.

3)No idea how you are getting from A to B until just prior to the race.
The composition of the Liason Stage is up to the individual promoter - pedal power? lift? truck and trailer? packed like rats in the back of an exhaust filled death trap on wheels Uhaul? And how can Uhaul bike and body transportation be legal and insurable? What's that? Oh. It's not.

3) Don't Be A Dick.
Man down rule. If a racer comes across a downed racer they are required to stop and help. I can think of a couple self absorbed people that something like this had to actually be put into writing for.

My least favorite "suggestion" -

1) Carry a pack.
Riding with a heavy pack full of emergency gear, water, food and parts? Yuck. Talk about distracting. Where's the aid station(s), bro? May as well put on the Merrell's and go backpacking with The Mountaineers. If this is modeled after the spirit of First World Europe, I call BS. I've been there. Europeans traveling in the mountains are never more than a few clicks from a hut full of friendlies serving world class food and beverages.

So, is caching supplies on Liason Stages kosher or not?

Lastly, to the great disappointment of the legions of aspiring Enduro Photographers - goggles AND a half shell are NOT required.

That is all. CDC!


  1. Wait. I can ride whatever helmet I want? Soooo not Enduro.
    Im pretty excited for this. It should be fun.

  2. Keep it raw. No aid stations. Whether or not to carry self sufficient supplies is up to the rider.

  3. HA! I like #2. And don't worry; shuttles will be kept to an absolute bare minimum.

  4. Yeah, Trey. You are busted. Ha ha. Great job. Looking forward to some Enduro Adventure!