Saturday, February 23, 2013

Secret projects

Max built a step up, I helped a little. Check it out. Its big. And secret. Dont tell no one! 
Lip construction. Building lip > partying. Friday night well spent.

Keep scrolling and you'll see what this became. Not as sketchy as it looks. I mean it is, but these are trained professionals. OSHA approved. Its code.    

Mitering. When in the woods...

Max thought this was hilarious. It went on for a while.  

Set backs and delays. It happend that a much needed removal of some dead trees coincided directly with the near completion of the jump. Oh well. This took a minute to clean up.  

Set up the lights and work. This happened a few times, this one in particular is the final stretch. No sleep till Brooklyn. I think this work party went from about 8-10pm. 

Blood, sweat, and beers. If you want something to happen you gotta be prepared to bleed for it. Max took this one like a champ, understandable since it happend almost every time we dug.  

Finishing touches.  

If you dont try you wont fail. Fuck that. 



  1. Rad! Nice work. Really. As Evergreem students, I am sure there is some way to get credits for that!