Saturday, February 23, 2013

RR: 30 / MP3

Good ride on 30/MP3 today. Rode up from The Berm Basher finish to the snow line near the big berms up top. Trail was in pretty good shape. The work that was done in there at the last work party was good. The trail is still burly, but a little more rideable now. Nice work. The drainage work from last year has really helped, but it would be nice to go through with a shovel and punch open a few drains. It would also be nice to rake the leaves off of the trail starting from the second C8200 crossing - this would make the trail fast(er). Really liking the Enduro. Spent some more time turning knobs on the shock, got it pretty close to dialed now. The geometry of that bike is just perfect - lower BB and shorter chain stays than my HD. Quicker, poppier and carvier. Yes, I spent some time on the 42 tooth cog today. Was quite happy to have that pie plate back there.

Need shovel

Tree Of Death

Those don't look like tomato plants.

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