Saturday, February 9, 2013

Old photos 3: Seatac and Angel Fire

South Seatac XC Race, spring '08

Matt and I had found a sneaky(too steep for the roadies) line on the inside of this corner. We picked off one plum smuggler after another with this move every lap. Right here blue guy for Team Sega is wondering what just happened. Does not compute.

Angel Fire NM Super D, spring '08

This was the time I figured out that traveling long distance to a high altitude race sucks. Thin air + no time to acclimatize = bummer run. The family and I enjoyed a nice resort in Taos though.

   This bottom picture here is the facial expression of "I just spent how much money to come here for that shit show of a run?".  


  1. Pretty much. South Seatac was actually fun to rip around on a rigid single speed.