Friday, February 22, 2013

Had an impromptu meeting tonight amongst a small group @ oldschool pizzeria.  LLMTN and SBH trails were in the discussion.  The idea of not having everything trail related in olympia be relegated to FOCF is a great one.  What FOCF does, stands! and stays strong! AND shall always be maintained!(thx jeg).  

Though the idea that one day we will have this separate group that takes on the more advanced side of riding - planning, discussing and solidifying future gnarl work direction and what it will take to delegate and litigate our needs is finally coming to the table.  Especially in the light that a possible new trail off the peak should be/is being proposed.  We need to raise our bar for the future, and we took the first baby step tonight.  Our future of riding in olympia, is looking up!  but will take many years...

focf, dnr, manke timber company, south sound bike park alliance, sub-black hills, tesc mtn bike club AND rogue builders all have a say in what goes down here(and in the future, EMBA influenced?)=too many names...  I am currently trying to pin down a name for such a group.  Is it called OFRC(olympia free-ride community)?, is it OORCA(olympia off road cycling association)? Or is it called something else?  I love when the acronym actually works out into a word...  what do you think ? 

Till then enjoy the trails that we have, things can only get better... 


  1. thanks jim, definitely one of my favorite places to be... and another acronym is ODC="oly dirt crew"?