Wednesday, February 13, 2013


"We installed these brakes, took it to a nearby hill, climbed and descended to test the power of these brakes. We came away disappointed. The brakes felt soft and felt like they had no power. “Uh-oh,” we thought. “Another expensive product that doesn’t work.” So looked at the manual, did some research and realized that the brake requires a real ‘bedding-in’ procedure." -Francis,
Wait.  Are saying that these brakes had to be broken in before they worked well?  What a crazy concept!  I mean, when you buy brakes that cost $1000 a set, I would expect them to work perfectly right out of the box.  Just like how Formula brakes are really expensive and work really well all the time.  But really, there are only two reasons to buy bike parts: weight and color.  You can see above that these brakes are really light, at only 193 grams.  Crazy!  I don't even really know what a gram is, but it sounds pretty light. And less than 200 of them!  So they're light, but how about the color? 
"Brake Force One allows the consumer to customize the color of their brake fluid so that is a nice touch for the ultimate color-coordinated bike."
Some colorful inspiration for your next bike:


  1. Die Antwoord has some serious Gummo influence.

  2. Oly may not be ready for Die Antwoord.

  3. Noone's ready for Die Antwoord. They're just...gross.