Sunday, January 20, 2013

Job Application

Retallack 5 from Connor Macleod on Vimeo.

Dear Retallack Lodge,
I have watched the above video of Garret Buhler annihilating your trails.  I am very sorry for the destruction resulting from that kind of riding.  Here's a solution that will help you during the long, difficult, recovery process. I will travel to the lodge from the conveniently close location of Bellingham, Wa, in April.  You will put a mattock and a mcleod in my hands, and I will go feral in order to get the trails ready for riding season.  When people arrive to ride, I will guide the helpless innocents down the trails awesomely and safely.  My exotic American accent and habits will charm the Canadia visitors, and make my fellow americans feel right at home.  In return, you will house me (or I can camp), and pay me just enough to maintain my bike.
I really hope that you understand how vital it is for us to make this arrangement happen.  Please take careful consideration when planning the coming riding season.  Decisions like this can make or break a summer!
Your truly,

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