Monday, January 14, 2013

it doesn’t matter what bike you ride, but what about the colors?

This was once told to me personally by one of freestyle bmx’s biggest legends, after his switch from Hutch to Diamond back:  “ doesn’t matter what bike you ride...”-Michael Dominguez

I continue to remember this advice till this day.  We can all shred it on whichever brand of steed happens to be under us.  But when it comes to the colors on our rides, I do have a taste and a threshold of overbearing-ness that I cannot avoid.  I particularly do not like anything red on my bikes.  For instance, even though it is just a knob, I hate that forks have some sort of industry standard as red for one of them.  But in this case it is not the colors, but just too much advertising in general.

And even though I hate yellow, I’m okay with yellow rims as I guess Mavic has made this an acceptable norm on dh wheels.  I happen to be partial to black, as it is a mixture of all the colors - and I especially love the new boxxers with black stanchions instead of gold (btw, i’ve never been a fan of gold, despite the kashima coatings)

But when CRCs has to claim the whole image of a bike with THREE large blue insignias/ with yellow stripes alongside, i think it makes this bike look ugly.


  1. Yes! So true. And so easy to go too far. I can think of local friend of ours who has a twisted affinity for blue and purple, like in a mocking-bird-shiny-pretty-thing obsession. Might be time for an intervention. He may actually not be teachable.

    In the case of Sam's bike - we know who is signing his paycheck! And that is probably the point of that bike. NASCAR has arrived.

  2. Haha I go back and forth on sponsorship name placement. Im too tired to write a long thought out explanation to my thought process but in short its a balance between the professionalism of the sport that brings money to the racers and allows us to have the extravagant events that we love to watch and sometimes even participate in and the inherintly dirt bag root that the sport comes from. Its a tough line to dance, trying to help the sport grown and reach new riders as well as preserve what makes mountain bike so great, the "no-fucks-given-throw-the-rules-out-the-window-do-what-i-want" attitude. I guess it also has to do with whothe sponsors are, as much as I dislike chainreaction for being a massive undercutting internet warehouse store, I'd still rather see that adorn someones jersey and bike over saxobank or radio shack. US Postal Team DH.. RIP Lance....

  3. livestrong in a dh yellow jersey? but i don't like yellow~ hahahhaa, thanks cam, and def' f*ck radioshack