Friday, December 14, 2012


Just got back to Maine for the holidays and found my piles of bicycle related stuff and shit, I say shit because, some of it truly is shit. Let the walk down memory lane commence.

My first real mountain bike. Note the disc tabs. Its not as old as most of your first bikes. Maybe considered shit to some but this bike took the abuse that only a 16 year old hack could put it through. 

Taco'd both wheels, bent the bars, destroyed a seat or two and more derailleurs then I can count. If it wasn't for the local shops free bin I probably would not have been able to continue riding. Finally decommissioned when I wore a hole in the chain stay.
The steed, again NOT shit. What more is there to say, expect to see this thing built back up in the next year or two. 

Just because something is well used does not mean its not SHIT.
Not sure where I stand on these.
If I remember correct I won them in a race, best rubber side up category.

Fat stacks. Note the heavily broken spines. Anti-shit.

Another race prize. This is why XC guys shouldn't host DH races.
The shittyiest of the shit. 
If you dont like stickers I dont like you. Not really, but I will judge you heavily. 

Giant STP with 800mm Gravity lights and a 40mm hope stem, casually leaning up next to the 1947 Crosley Farm-O-Road. I wish I could say I'm bringing both back, but alas, it will only be the Giant. 
Fun fact of the day, before I road bikes I was a competitive yo-yo guy. Not shit, but pretty goofy. This is about a 10th of what I had.


  1. Not that there was any doubt before but there is definitely no doubt about your authenticity now. Great story and history.

    That Sunday needs to be rebuilt. I've got the Dirt Mag from 08 or 07 with Sam Hill's gold and green Sunday review. It would be very cool to do a Sam Hill Sunday build. It's been all downhill(no pun intended) for Sam since he left that bike. There is speculation on the interweb that DW suspension was better suited for his riding style than what he is on now. Build it. I want to ride it!

  2. Haha, nice stuff. If you haven't seen this before:

  3. Ya I've been on sick lines a bunch lately. I just need to come up with the cash, the project is low on my priorities but it is going to happen.

  4. this pictorial is awesome, thanks for sharing/shredding the lines...