Monday, December 31, 2012


Just kidding.

The biggest news in DH right now is Sam Hill moving to CRC. And thanks for the early morning text a couple(one?) weeks ago, Cam. I said out loud "no way" when I read that and my wife heard me. She asked me, "what"? I responded in an astonished tone "Sam Hill moved to CRC!". She just stared at me with a look that said "you are beyond help". Enough about Sam.

Here is an interview with Nigel Page, CRC team manager. This comment by Nigel was great to read -

"I still believe if Chris(Kovarik) had focused 100% on his racing he would have still be winning World Cups, but unfortunately that didn't happen. He is one of the very best DH bike riders that there has ever been and still is. I have rode over the years with a lot of amazing riders, but he can do things on a bike I have never seen other people do!"


Kovarik is certainly one of the top DH riders ever, with an aggressive and strong riding style that makes most other DH'ers look like they should be cautiously tip toeing around some double track on a hard tail 29er somewhere safe and predictable.

Good to see Kovarik getting the credit his talent deserves. Too bad he didn't maximize it. Or maybe not. Maybe he is too busy having a good time riding to focus on what it takes to win races - and maybe that is what makes him stand out as a rider that looks like he is having a really good time riding his bike.

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  1. Hahaha I keep forgetting that im a few hours ahead of you guys. I've sent out a couple few too many 8am in Maine texts. Glad that one went over well.