Sunday, December 9, 2012

FOX thinks you are an idiot


You are not smart enough to figure out how to set your sag on your own, and more importantly you are not smart enough to figure out that 25% sag for your broham may be fine, but you like a little more traction and prefer to run closer to 30%. Choices are confusing. The less you know the better. You are an idiot, and FOX wants to keep it that way. Auto Sag will help the tools at your local ACME Big Huge Bike Retailer set the sag for Jack and Jill Stumpjumper with a quickness and the sooner that sag is set, the sooner tool boy will have those Stumpy's loaded on the top of that A4 and the J.P. Morgan Palladium swiped and cleared. And that is the bottom line - isn't it FOX? Dumber riders. Dumber sales people. Dumber products. Better consumers. More OEM volume. It's hard to see what is really going on here through all of those dollar signs. MBA will probably name this(and CTD) the suspension innovations of the decade. We know who butters RC's bread.

Is this the same guy hawking VitaMix blenders at the Seattle Costco?

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  1. I dunno, MBA will probably be distracted by the newest Foes 27.5 with 2:1 ratio and monocoque flames to realize that something new got developed. Wait a year and they'll catch wind of this.