Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dig dug

Recently I've come to realize that one of the worst things you can do to a bike trail is ride it. Seriously. It just gnarls everything up, your artisan designed berms, lips and rollers collapse, get beat to hell, and then just sort of erode into piles of muddy sludge. But shit, Im not going to stop riding and I hope that no one else does either, so that leaves one option, heft the shovels and go too work. Today was that day. Today we took LLMT to the trail hospital. 

The trail equivalent of a tummy tuck and quick botox. 

OD went out to represent, John, Jagger and myself met the bottom along with cohorts Max and Matthew. Jim was off somewhere test fitting new spandex, gotta make sure it matches the new frame, and Finn was counting his blessings that he wasn't in a real hospital somewhere.

John knows his way around a shovel. 

Unfortunately due to the frozen fingers and want of digging I forgot to take any pictures. So go ride god damn it. And come dig with us, we make it fun. 

Fallen soldier from dryer warmer days.