Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bikes I owned, but never rode

I like mountain bikes, a lot. I seem to spontaneously acquire new and interesting(to me) bikes on a fairly regular basis. I do however lack hoarder/bikeapocalypse prepper tendencies. If a bike in my stable isn't seeing use it is better off being turned back into cash, or gifted for karma's sake. Dusty bikes aren't cool.

Here are a few bikes I owned, but never even rode. Weird.

Socom. The race bread stealth fighter of yester-DH-year. 32 pounds or something crazy. No time for DH. What a loss. Sweet bike. It did end up living a useful life under a local that had the time and interest to give it the attention it deserved.
VP Free. Jeff Haymes hooked me up on this one in an attempt to get me into DH. Same space-time continuum challenge as stated above.
FSR DS. Rare. Mint. Wish I still had it hanging on the wall in my shop - about all it would be good for. This one would be cool covered in my shop's dust.

I actually rode this one once. That's all it took. Capitol Forest was not yet ready for 650b(and neither was I). Just noticed the Egg Beaters on there. My apologies.


  1. Would never have guessed you didnt ride dh. Also nice bars on the full ridged nut crusher.

  2. Ha. I can't believe it either, actually. I like watching/studying WC DH racing and building/riding trail bikes that handle like DH bikes.

  3. where the hell is that beautiful rigid ss, she could have been quite the urban shredder to say the least?

  4. The On One went straight to ebay. It was a good looking bike. The geo was a little weird for me. I didn't like the way it handled. It was a good experiment though. Rigid 650b? - check.