Saturday, December 22, 2012

A toast to continued existence

Normally I try pretty hard no to just repost stuff off the Pinkbike but sometimes its unavoidable. Given that today is the 22nd of December 2012 and we're all still alive I can't think of a better time to break my own rule. Heres to the most over publicized and pretentious euro on the WC Circuit. Blasting the biggest jumps you've never seen.

When you go big, sometimes you go home... in an ambulance. But not really, the fact that he raced after the knock out rag doll crash just goes to show that speed isn't everything when your on the world cup. An inhuman pain threshold and balls the size of watermelons help too.

Worst Slam of 2012, Vital MTB Shreddy Award - More Mountain Bike Videos

I think we can fit those jumps in cap somewhere....

............................... Edit Edit Edit...........................

Father Graham just alerted me to this cover which in his own words is "quite probably the raddest cover ever"


  1. Further support for your post. Quite possibly the raddest Dirt Mage cover ever -

  2. props' to continued existence gee and dan, shredding it; and the four by three vid' on pb sends a benchmark mssg onto those that think they know how to build a line...

  3. I blame this post for the Oly Barnes and Nobles selling out of this issue before I had a chance to buy one.

  4. RIP Borders, they never used to sell out...

  5. west side barnes n noble the only place where there is a large selection of actual hard print left:)