Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why do we kill ourselves for sport?

This video is 20 minutes of intense editing and background music.  It's an interesting look at racing and the racers' life.

Actually, its just depressing. Spoiler alert: motocross racers get majorly fucked on the racetrack, often without getting paid for it.  I don't know anything about motocross, but Brotocross has been a major source of entertainment for me post-mountain bike internet media disillusionment (that's a legitimate thing, ask Team Robot).  I don't have any feelings, passion, or pride  for motos, and that makes it fun to watch moto videos and read cynical blogposts on Brotocross about moto culture.  Bottom line is, ride bikes and keep it fun.


Silvia at Sun Peaks Bike Park - Matt Miles on Pinkbike


  1. All I know now is racing can suck and I really want to go ride Sun Peaks bike park.

  2. That was gut wrenching and heart breaking. I noticed none of those pros mentioned loving what they do. Parts of the mtb world are not much different either.

    Yes. Ride and race for fun.