Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prophet JC

I'm not usually too stoked on these product promotion videos because face it, asking a super pro rider if their bike or equipment is rad will most likely result in a thought process for them I can imagine thinks something like this: "Who is listening? Who sponsors me? Who do I want to sponsor me? Really? What is this guy asking me? It doesn't matter what I ride - free/discounted stuff is what I ride. I can rationalize ripping on just about anything for some chedda. I am beyond the equipment." Most of these riders can make anything look good, even a pull shock or this abomination. It's kind of like a politician claiming that "campaign donations" from special interest groups don't compromise their objectivity while in office.

Back to the video.

So this video starts off in the 10 tooth - burly and scary fast riding on big mountains. Then, not far into the video this quote: "That's the spirit of Enduro - to ride fast with your friends, have fun, enjoy the mountain. This is what I am looking for every year." It nearly brought tears to my eyes. A lump formed in my throat.

Then more scripture worthy scrit - "It will be great if we can have one bike all the time. So just use one chain ring and be able to ride all of the time with this".

A religion could be formed around these prophesies. Praise the dude with the thick accent and the weird looking bike. And why is Jerome's voice and accent so much less annoying sounding than that other Frenchman, Fabien? Maybe it's the lack of arrogance.

Karver at :55. A holy move(and not for show). Certainly revelationary. The Messiah in action. I think I saw an image of JC's face in the snow at 4:11.

Oh yeah, 1X11. Neato.

Science bless America.

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