Tuesday, November 20, 2012



  1. Man the rune looks awesome, my only worry is that like most banshees its going to be poorly constructed and overly heavy... the spitty would probably avoid those issues. Aside from the bb I can see why your digging that old sx.

  2. The Rune is definitely at the top right now. Geo can be dialed in too. The 08 SX is pretty close. I was planning to run a shorter length shock in order to get the HA where I wanted it and drop the BB, but it looks like I won't be able to. Bummer. Not sure if I am going to build it up now. Really looking for short chain stays(16.75-ish), low BB(13.5-ish), slack HA(65-ish), 160-ish travel, super stiff and not a porker. The Rune is the top contender. The 2013 Rune is a whole new generation of Banshee. Sounds like they have turned over a new leaf.

    Another fricking slide show here -

  3. Hopefully they have the Rune in this years Bible.