Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fuck Yeah Devinci Bikes.

I come from a place so close to Canada that hockey is regularly acknowledged as a sport, and every other person has dual citizenship.  That said, people where I come from also got behind a movement to ban Canadians from buying milk at Cosco because they were so butthurt about the lines they had to stand in to purchase American-style bulk everything-you'll-ever-need.

However, biking is done on both sides of the border, and that's what matters.  When I talk about a bike company that's as Canadian as universal health care, understand that there's a place for patriotism and American hospitals are not that place.  Here's why Devinci bikes deserve everyone's respect:

Devinci's old line up was an odd collection of horst-link bikes that seemed to be stuck in 2006.  I never thought much of them.  Then, Evan Schwartz's part in Lifecycles came out.  Riding one of those goshdarn wilsons, Evan oozes style all over the trails with roosts, natural gaps, and his ever-present turnbar.  Here's some of that steeze:

Evan Schwartz - Ride the Fall from Liam Mullany on Vimeo.


And then, something magical happened.  Devinci has gotten hold of DW's centerlinkypivot thing, and come out with a whole new set of bikes.  They are sexy.  To celebrate the new bikes, they decided to treat themselves to sponsoring one of the manliest world cup racers out there:  Stevie Smith.

That mustache. Photo by nakamuchid
Stevie's a fucking awesome rider, and here are some reasons why:
1.  He sends it deep in the gnar.
2.  His mom is featured in his segment in a full-length production (Seasons).
3.  That mustache.
4. His cornering technique.  Watching Steve Smith hit a drifty, flat corner is like watching a 200 lb ballerina pirouette.  Drift, catch, pedal out.  See his segment in From the Inside Out to watch what I'm talking about.
 Lacking that, here's some shreddage of his to enjoy:

Ian Morrison, meet Steve Smith on Pinkbike

Which brings me to Devinci's third awesome rider:  the Whistler local boy, Ian Morrison. #1 reason for awesomeness:

Strength in Numbers Highspeed - Ian Morrison from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

That's just unreal.

Devinci's team was pretty stacked this year, and I hope they keep it up for next year.  More teams should pick riders for their passion and style, rather than because that-other-rider-is-also-british-so-we-can-probably-convince-everyone-that-he's-an-atherton.

One last word from Stevie:

Devinci Global Racing - Pre-season from Cycles Devinci on Vimeo.


  1. Yeah! Loved the Evan Schwartz edit. He's got one heck of a sweet Fabio mane going for him too. 3:44 was rad.

    Another great thing about Devinci? Their team manager looks and sounds like he could double as a roadie or band manager for Stillwater. Here he is at 7:58 dropping swear words and then turning speechless after his boys dominated the Hafjell WC podium with 3 Devinci's. That was an incredible day.


  2. Sick. I had forgotten about Hafjell. Stevie keeps on coming up! Brannigan is a stylish rider, too.