Sunday, November 18, 2012

This rain is killing me

Does anyone else really dislike the format of vitalmtb? I understand that by recording the audio from an interview and then posting it to the site with pictures they are able to bring us near instantaneous coverage of events and product releases, but in all honesty I dont want to listen to DW talk about split pivot for 8 minutes while a slow photo montage passes before my eyes. Not to say I'm not interested in what is said, I'd just rather take three minutes and read the transcript while I scroll the pictures. But so it goes, vital has too much solid original content that they can get away with presenting it too us how ever the hell they please. Which is why I slow clicked through this side show of goggles that I really dont give two fucks about (I also dont wear goggles, so it could just be me) to get to the gem inside.

Theres a reason this guy took 10x world championships.

First Look: 2013 100% Goggles and Eyewear — More Mountain Bike Photos

Click through, there is a video in there, I promise.


  1. Couldn't agree more about the photo slide shows...

  2. Yeah, vitalMTB is off my most visited sites for exactly this reason.

  3. Vital is a once every couple weeks check for me these days. They are losing in the MTB web world.