Monday, October 22, 2012

No More Shoe Talk

And now, something from up I5 a few miles -


Buildaholic on Pinkbike


  1. Those guys seem to like benches more than the average senior citizen feeding birds in the park, there must have been tons of work put into that trail.
    I gotcha on the embed issue, check the draft post I put up.

  2. Bingo on the HTML. Going to change the frame size so it doesn't crowd the side bar.

  3. love the van setup & cooking hot food ‘on trail’ segments... also makes me sort of lust after such wide lines

  4. Liked the van too. Dialed setup - even the walnut stain plywood paneling!

    Quality work up there. That rock busting segment was pretty legit. Certainly a vested crew. Makes me wonder what the future around here has in store...many possibilities and lots of whispers...