Saturday, August 4, 2012


Riding The Lightning

FNSD Metal Night!!! I felt like I was at a high school kegger last night. The only thing missing were dozens of red cups full of cheap beer bobbing around in the moonlight. It was loud, raunchy and dirty at the LLMT. The FNSD broke out a PA system and blasted a mid nineties speed metal soundtrack for the duration, and they meant it. The PMRC would not have approved.

Powered by smelly Megadeth and Metallica shirts from the early nineties, Jagger with a 6:27 and Father Graham with a 7:02 held down the top two podium positions. With one race left to go Jagger is on track for an uncontested run for first place in the series and I am running in third, 14 seconds behind second in the overall.



  1. You look too happy in that corner. Next time look like you are chasing you prey!

  2. chasing the "prey(s)", and still bobbing a dozen red cups in the moonlight, what an awesome night!